Fun Little Pet Photo Sesh

Helllloooo sistas!!

I keep telling myself, “I need to start blogging! I miss blogging!!”

Do you guys remember Xanga? Umm…too old for you? ….Ok let’s just say Tumblr. LOL!

I used to love blogging on Xanga or Tumblr! It’s like writing a super long tweet or Instagram post, except it’s actually ok to be long winded because it’s a blog. Do you guys ever write a long ass post on Instagram getting all deep and emotional and then think to yourself, “Ok is this too dramatic???” …..Cause I sure do! Well that’s not the reason I want to get back into blogging. Cause forreal, if I wanted to be long winded on Instagram…I would! But there’s a different place for being long winded and super detailed….HELLO BLOGGING WORLD!

I think this would be a fun place where I can get into more details about everything! Whether it be about my fur babies, beauty, advice, whatever it may be! Something about writing things out is just so therapeutic. Anyone else agree?

Well anywhoo, just wanted to come on here and say hello! Hope some of you still stuck around despite me not updating in MONTHHSSS! Here are some cute photos I took of my children today. Hope it brightens up your day or night!

That’s all for today! <3

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