Trip to Asia!

I’m already back from Hong Kong but missing it already.  Feels like just yesterday when I was there. Currently in the bay spending some time with my family heading back to LA, but wanted to give you a recap on my trip!

Wah and I are completely obsessed with HK!  The weather was amazing on our trip so we spent most of our trip walking around and exploring by foot.  The night life is so lively and vibrant!  There are so many high rises with such cool architecture.  It just amazes me how HK manages to stay so clean despite the amount of traffic! Wah and spent time exploring several districts, but 上環 was by far our favorite!  This district is packed with cute boutiques. This district has so much character!

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We then went to Guangzhaou, China to explore the place where my family is from!  We also spent some with Wah’s family in China as well!  As you could probably tell from my Insta, we spent most of our time trying new foods and exploring new restaurants! Can’t wait to go back!

Thanks for your guys’ support while we were spending some on vacay!!

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